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Nepal’s largest and only medical instrument exhibition and conference, “NEPAL MEDICAL SHOW”, will be held at Bhrikuti Mandap Exhibition Ground, Kathmandu, from February 29 and March 01 to 02, 2024.The 7th Nepal Medical Show is the only major event in Nepal that promotes the overall development of health and medical care in the country. The event provides a stage for the Nepali and global healthcare and medical services fraternity, including manufacturers and distributors, to network, organize, highlight and do business with trade suppliers and end users.

NEPAL MEDICAL SHOW 2024 covers the whole field of healthcare, including hospital furniture, ICU equipment, clinical instruments, careful equipment, indicative items and accreditation administrations and so on.

We welcome medical and healthcare professionals such as doctors, hospital CEOs, hospital purchasers, medical colleges and universities, microbiologists, biochemists, medical pharmaceutical visitors, manufacturers, distributors and dealers.

More than 400+ manufacturers, importers and wholesalers are participating in this great show, including more than 800+ top brands from all over the world. We are sure that all exhibitors will receive great response in terms of business and system management. This opportunity will give every member an incredible chance to show their solidarity with the Nepalese market. The exhibition will give the healthcare industry the real boost it needs, not only by giving freedoms to go into key coalitions and organizations to procure items, explore new markets and manage systems with general manufacturers and consignors.

Nepal Medical Show is organized by S.D. Promo Media Pvt. Ltd and co-organized by CHEMSAN (Chemical and Medical Suppliers Association of Nepal) & EEPC (Engineering Export Promotion Council of India). The event is supported by Association of Private Health Institution Nepal (APHIN) and AMED (Association of Indian Medical Device Industry).

We’re confident and expect that the event in 2024 along with the concurrent show won’t only give a further boost to the health and medical industry in Nepal by opening up numerous business opportunities but also stimulate various thoughts, research avenues, discoveries and collaborations.

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